My name is Marco Vet, and I want to tell you my story (well… the one minute version).

I was born in ’88, and grew up in Den Ilp. A small village close to Amsterdam. Since my childhood I’ve been interested in images, and I often went along with my father to photograph in nature and during our travels. When I bought my first camera, I already knew visuals will become my biggest passion in life.

In the past 9 years I improved myself in the field of film and photography, especially in storytelling, sound, composition, technique and equipment.

My eyes are always in ‘the blue’

Whether it is the ocean or the sky. My eyes are always in the blue, capturing new perspectives and telling stories.

– Freelance Cameraman
– Storyteller
– Specialized in Aerials

Key publications in: National Geographic, Trouw, Het Parool.

2019 © portrait by Martijn Gijsbertsen